American Jeep became a public transportation in the Philippines – The Philippine Jeepneys

American Jeep became a public transportation in the Philippines – The Philippine Jeepneys

The Philippine Jeepneys

The jeepneys are one of the trademarks of the Philippines. It is the common mode of transportation in the country and it is the product of the unwavering ingenuity and the resourcefulness of the Filipinos.

Many moons ago the Americans left their damaged jeeps during World War II. Enterprising, creative and truly resourceful, the Filipinos transform these leftover junks into something which is very useful. These diamonds in the rough are then known as the Philippine jeepneys.

The jeepneys carries the moniker “Hari ng Kalsada,” which means “King of the Road”, which is true since no matter where you are in the country the jeepneys ply the roads whether rain or shine, or whether it is day or night.

Although the jeepneys are being considered as an export to Papua New Guinea to address some transportation woes there, it is the most widely used and exploited vehicle in the country. Spacious, fast and sturdy this three words best describe the jeepneys. A single jeepney can accommodate 18 to 30 passengers, which is indeed impressive.

You may develop a love-hate relationship with the jeepneys, though; as many people are pissed off with jeepneys especially those that are driven by irresponsible and reckless drivers. There are some jeepney drivers that tend to be rash and abusive; whilst some doesn’t implement proper maintenance on their jeepney which makes them emits annoying and unhealthy smoke. Since there are plenty of them in the country they can also be a source of traffic.

But still, many love jeepney especially when it is driven by a courteous and jolly driver. Jeepneys are also accessible and at the same time the fare is cheap. People from all walks of life including the common people, ride in a jeepney. It can accommodate people in groups too. A jeepney can easily help you go from one place to another.

There are some persons that love to ride in front while others inside the cab. You can enjoy further riding on a jeepney especially if it is embellished with nice and eye-catching designs and it is traveling in scenic parts of the country. The jeepneys are well-adorned with the artistic flair of the Filipinos. Most of the jeepneys also sports punch lines, quotations, monikers and names of their family members. This is a testament that the jeepneys had become a way of life for the Filipinos.

Foreigners and tourists are often seen riding on the jeep for an adventure of sorts and they certainly enjoy the one of a kind experience.

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