Zumba in Dagupan City Plaza

Zumba in Dagupan City Plaza


Zumba has been popular for those people who love to move, value their life, health and body. In zumba you will gain strengthening and flexibility because of the movements you will learn by following the steps of a license zumba intructress/intructor. And by these movements for each songs you will experience benefits of many different steps to follow which are helpful in burning calories, getting sweat, waking up all muscles, toned and gives you relax mind and body due to release of tension and stress.

Every Saturdays, a group of zumba lovers gather 6am to 6:20 before their dance workout start. I’ve joined and saw few I know from past zumba activities & events. They are setting a mood with smile, welcoming others, taking photos while waiting for others. As a zumba instructor for a year now it’s important to meet new people around, share your passion and talent, show what you can do to be able to notice and trust, understanding people their needs and wants, get out of box and learn from others. Thanks to Pangasinan Zumba Fitness Club (PZFC) a friendly group who invites the locals to join them at Dagupan City Plaza, especially to their club manager Mhely. They are collecting thirty pesos to each individual who support the PZFC to those who’s joining an one hour and half of zumba dance workout. The fund will go to zumba instructors who share their zinlife and help the group for being good well being through dance workout activities.

To be a licensed zumba instructor you need to be trained and you need a sum to pay for being a trainer/instructor. Plus, to maintain the license you need to pay a monthly fee to be part of Zumba Intructor Network (ZIN).  Part of the pzfc zumba intructors were zin Jho and zin Darwin, hoping I can be part of their team since I do enjoyed being with them.




Dagupan City Plaza is a public park, town square located at A. B. Fernandez Avenue in Dagupan City.

Dagupan City Plaza an open space provided for recreational use, usually owned and maintained by a local government. They can be used as play areas, for taking lunch breaks, or even for small events. Most importantly, they should be a place of quiet refuge and escape from the busy city life surrounding them.

A great activity for local individuals everyday esp. on weekends is to go to the park and have a physical activity like walking around the park, jogging, kids can play at kids ground, can go around with their bikes and skateboards. On the local groups they can use the facility for physical activity like zumba.

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