Zumba @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

Zumba @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

A year end rave party for college students of Kingfisher in Dagupan and again I was invited to party and perform dance fitness and zumba together with present students. The rave party started 8pm and the zumba party started 4:30am as their final in 2016.

Together with my zumba partner we gave Kingfisher a blast of zumba party dance. We rise early as 4am and started to pack our things and prepared to get into the event. I was feeling low and sleepy at first when we set up our music but then the students were energetic to follow our routine and we didn’t stop.

Dec 30, 2016
Dec 30, 2016

Zumba Instructor: Tessa

Call or Text:  09772318505


Warm up music, haypa, bicicleta, velocidad, 24k magic, bambalam

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