6am random @ home

6am random @ home


Cleaning the floors is very important in the morning. Sweeping and mopping the floors is a must. An everyday brushing the floor by using a broomstick to remove the dust and hair pets is kinda my thing.

I owned five indoor dogs. They love moving around the floor and stick their body to my legs.
Now I am hungry.  I am thinking to cook eggs with maling meat to stuff on gardenia bread. Also will make an egg with tomatoe for mom’s breakfast.

After eating, I had fun watching my 6mos old niece in her cerelac morning. She is adorable, love the baby smile, so warm.
The dogs are running in and out the door. They are old, the oldest is a 12 years old dog and have not gave up on taking care of these animals. My heart is too soft for them like they are my angels, unconditional love. 

I have not stop doing household chores. Everytime I am done on washing the dishes, laying on bed is what I could think of. But, I still have to feed the dogs. Ay yay yay! 
Cleaning your own body is essential. Daily bath is needed. Clean clothes are important.
Dogs need a bath too. I wanted to give them a furry bath, it’s like I have no time. There are groomers that can however I don’t have budget to pay for their service. 
I’m going to washroom now and clean myself to have a great excuse for dogs. 
Now I am thinking of my husband, he is sleeping at this time. I have always wanted to be with him and have fun time together. Learn each other and agreeing with everything we like. 
Now, it’s my bath time! 


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