House of Prayer

House of Prayer

As a Catholic it’s a traditional to attend every Sunday for a Holy Mass lead by a Priest. To listen to a word of God is like a food for the soul. The Church is a reminder to me why we have to believe in Christ who suffer and sacrifice for our sins. He died on the cross because of us.  The Church in this modern era is quite colourful and eccentric, it is polished for people, events and occasions. It is a house for everybody with a cost, fess and voluntary gifts and offers. A beautiful church is also a picture how well the place you are living.

St John Evangelist Catholic Church is quite known in my place, I live my whole life and studied here. I studied at St John Catholic School and can’t miss a prayer every hour, all prayers must lead and learn. The Church now is just the same and the differences are it’s now rich in colours, windows are now stained, aesthetic ceilings, stunning nave, same size of sanctuary, church door to impress with carvings that tells us a story, gold leafed altar box with details and carvings or apostles, beautiful white chancel painted with details, some brick walls near church doors and marmol floorings. The church is a beautiful place to talk to God and to reminisce, here are some photos I took.













After the mass, as I step outside the door, I have seen vendors inside church premises selling balloons and sampaguita for altar. There is a small chapel where you could seat in solemn and pray intimately with Virgin Mary.


Here are the list of Catholic Prayers we recite everyday:

Apostles Creed

The Lords Prayers

Hail Mary, Holy Mary

Glory Be

The Angelus 

Hail Holy Queen


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