Artsy me! Draw, Design and Photography

Artsy me! Draw, Design and Photography

This year is me being creative, motivated and inspire by many different art works that I see and could ever think. I like to show here on my blog that I am creative and like to design, draw, and photography. I usually get bored and instead sitting around and watch TV, I do read and take an opportunity to enhance my talent, skills and interest in interior design. I have been dreaming of designing a house interior with modern, classic, industrial, mediterranean, tropical, rustic or eclectic style. Since I am not in a right place that my status right now is being a wife to a great husband of mine, the only thing and best I can do is to create style for our room.

Okay, this is what I call minimalism on my hanging shelves. This is inspired by Mr. Kate especially the frames with handwritten quotes in it instead a photo. It gives a vibe of simplicity and a breathe. The other frame is a drawing I drew from Pinterest which gives you a look of curiosity that actually looks two people that is about to kiss each other. Also a couple picture in a glass frame, a red japanese plate from daiso with a piece of art drawing and a scented wood fragrance diffuser that gives a smell of sweet vanilla aroma.

This artwork piece I got from my phone while I am looking for towels inside the home centre at the mall. I like the feathers and love to draw them soon. This is sort of inspiration and a great piece to look every now and then to push myself to draw and color more.

A beautiful piece of photo from my cellphone again I took when I was inside MIA park with my husband. We walk around and found this place heading to the recreation which I will do a Zumba with Filipino community, then we stopped and enjoyed this art of scenery with floating vintage boats on the water, and a Doha state buildings backdrop, it is so gorgeous.

Oh yes, my cute and sort of funny husband holding a piece of my drawing of the latest 2017 Jordan shoes. He actually want to buy this for no reason, so I just drew them. He can scan it everyday and look, probably not to buy a pair of them. It’s a realization that it’s only good when you look at them, not just by wearing them. Well, good work in drawing, you spend all the money doing the art. 🙂

A cute little lamb I drew before I went to sleep, wishing that we will have a little cute human to nurture and care. I had fun with this one.

My masterpiece of my first try to draw using color pastel I bought from daiso. I fine this so beautiful since I love flowers esp tulip. It is actually more beautiful if you will received a real flowers to make your day brighter and more inspiring. I hope you my hubby, is reading this because even though I have said many times that I love to receive flowers and you just keep ignoring it, this time you will buy roses, tulips, stargazers and others and bring it them to me with sincere and not an obligation.

So if not, then just let be it and wait…. I think I will just buy flowers or pick up them to avoid expectation. 🙂