Pandora Addiction

Pandora Addiction

January of year 2018 when I started to collect and bought my first classic pandora bangle, one silver charm and one murano glass, and yes they look classy on my arm. I am not that fan of silver until I find Pandora and Pandora charms quite pretty interesting and sparkly. Women have different taste and style everyday, they wear different kinds of accessories besides their own ootd and mineral make up. Women can throw money in the mall or online store just to make themselves happy. Pandora give me that thing called happiness because whenever I see the charms inside the pandora store, my heart flutters. My addiction on collecting silver charms like pandora haven’t stopped yet, as of this month and year of July 2019 I have collected five pandora bracelets, twenty five pandora charms, two pandora rings, two pandora chain necklaces and one pandora necklace. I have on my wishlist like an Angel charm, dream catcher charm, some murano glass charms and crystal charms to collect and add them to my box.

Why Pandora, because it is 92.5 Silver. They are actually perfect to wear anytime on the go and beautifully accents your arms.

Those two charms have brought in Landmark Mall Qatar.

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