Skin Care Glam: Acne Free

Skin Care Glam: Acne Free

What is beauty if your face is full of breakouts. 

I am going to share tips and guide on how to avoid acne, pimple and breakouts and also some basic skin care products to apply. Our body is made up of skin literally but, our facial skin is different from the rest of the body. Our face is very rich in pores, it will grow more visible if you will not consider the basic skin care tips that I will give you so, let’s get started!

Let’s understand the awful things that might appear in your face. How do you feel if you got an acne below your cheeks, awful right? Honestly, even a pimple it gives stress in me. I even panicked looking for products that would remove the red bumps but, in the end you will realized the mistakes you’ve caused your pretty face.

Common Facial Skin Problems

  1. Pimple/Acne
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Oily Skin
  4. Blackheads/Whiteheads
  5. Wrinkles
Before (September 2017, when I stopped the CTM rule, due to humid weather here in Doha and the mix of cold and hot weather)
After (Now November 2017, applying the CTM rule everynight and skin care regimen)

How to avoid these common facial skin problems:

  1. Hydrate you facial skin with water and cleanse them with facial foam or facial wash
  2. Tone with miscellar
  3. Moisturized, apply moisturizer that rich in vitamins

There are lots a lots of skin care products in the market, they are also have been commercialized in televisions, paper ads and billboards. They are too deceiving because of the creativity of their marketing techniques using models, attractive graphics and believable quotes. The only main goal is to have a clear and good skin, free from acne and having a glow face. Beauty consultants and dermatologists are also in the line, handy on giving you an one-on-one beauty advice to widen your knowledge in skincare line. What will it cost you to take advice and test new skin care products, that depends on you.

There’s no perfect beauty unless you treat your body skin as a holy. Before, I get into bed I made sure my face were cleanse, tone and moisturize.. It’s an essence of being a lady, it shows that you truly take care of yourself because you want to wake up with cleansed face.

Night Routine

Basic Skin Care:

  1. Cleanse you face with facial foam wash and rinse
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturize

Achieving a Glow Skin, you can apply these steps twice/thrice a week.

  1. Remove make up using make up remover  (if you dont have make up on skip no.1)
  2. Cleanse you face with facial foam wash and rinse
  3. Tone using miscellar water
  4. Apply essence of lotion
  5. Apply ampoule
  6. Apply Serum
  7. Emulsion
  8. Mask
  9. Apply an eyecream
  10. Moisturizer

Are brands important? I don’t stick in one brand for example the toner, after finishing “the secret key toner”, I switch to garnier miscellar toner. Well, they are in the same line unless it cleanse/tone my face but, it doesn’t matter and if it’s fit in your budget you can buy best toner.

Facial skin produce natural oil, when the dirt touched the surface of the skin it will produce blackheads so the dirt comes in, it is color black that will appear in pores. There are ways to protect pores and minimize the elargement of pores and using clay mask is the key.


There are may ways on how we can take care of our skin. I like to experience different products and learn from it. I do use natural plants and organic food like aloe vera, green tea, banana peel, lemon, oatmeal etc. which helps my skin look younger. Looking young is a new trend for women then now it’s a hobby.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor paid to post this article. This is just based on my learn and experiences of the products. I own my body and skin, so I can apply any products I like.