Swimming Lessons Experience

Swimming Lessons Experience

One of my frustrations in life is to swim at the pool. I don’t know how to swim but I wanted to. I am amaze to those people I see in the beaches and pool who aren’t afraid to go under the water. I am fascinated with the cartoon story of Ariel the mermaid because she effortlessly swim under the ocean. I love to watch a group of swimmers dancing inside the pool on television, they look incredible.

Two years ago, a friend asked me to join her to a swimming lesson. I get excited and inquired for fees and other things. I started to look for a suit and learned basic things before going to pool. I didn’t know that I will be spending money  buying rashgard wear, goggles, shorts and head-cap besides of training fee and pool entrance fee.



I spent less than 2000 pesos for the wear, 2000 pesos for the 1 month swimming lessons and 100 entrance fee very training session. I learned fast especially the breathing part, it was easy and effortlessly. The kicks are quite hard at first, the movement and body angle is going on a wrong direction when I kick. Learned the balancing, right kick and practice futter kicks. Learned the freestyle and it’s exhausting and traumatising esp. when I get in the part of the pool that is 5ft  above. This things I learned are basic and I like to continue learning until I get it right. 🙂