Pandora Addiction

Pandora Addiction

January of year 2018 when I started to collect and bought my first classic pandora bangle, one silver charm and one murano glass, and yes they look classy on my arm. I am not that fan of silver until I find Pandora and Pandora charms quite pretty interesting and sparkly. Women have different taste and style everyday, they wear different kinds of accessories besides their own ootd and mineral make up. Women can throw money in the mall or online store just to make themselves happy. Pandora give me that thing called happiness because whenever I see the charms inside the pandora store, my heart flutters. My addiction on collecting silver charms like pandora haven’t stopped yet, as of this month and year of July 2019 I have collected five pandora bracelets, twenty five pandora charms, two pandora rings, two pandora chain necklaces and one pandora necklace. I have on my wishlist like an Angel charm, dream catcher charm, some murano glass charms and crystal charms to collect and add them to my box.

Why Pandora, because it is 92.5 Silver. They are actually perfect to wear anytime on the go and beautifully accents your arms.

Those two charms have brought in Landmark Mall Qatar.

Artsy me! Draw, Design and Photography

Artsy me! Draw, Design and Photography

This year is me being creative, motivated and inspire by many different art works that I see and could ever think. I like to show here on my blog that I am creative and like to design, draw, and photography. I usually get bored and instead sitting around and watch TV, I do read and take an opportunity to enhance my talent, skills and interest in interior design. I have been dreaming of designing a house interior with modern, classic, industrial, mediterranean, tropical, rustic or eclectic style. Since I am not in a right place that my status right now is being a wife to a great husband of mine, the only thing and best I can do is to create style for our room.

Okay, this is what I call minimalism on my hanging shelves. This is inspired by Mr. Kate especially the frames with handwritten quotes in it instead a photo. It gives a vibe of simplicity and a breathe. The other frame is a drawing I drew from Pinterest which gives you a look of curiosity that actually looks two people that is about to kiss each other. Also a couple picture in a glass frame, a red japanese plate from daiso with a piece of art drawing and a scented wood fragrance diffuser that gives a smell of sweet vanilla aroma.

This artwork piece I got from my phone while I am looking for towels inside the home centre at the mall. I like the feathers and love to draw them soon. This is sort of inspiration and a great piece to look every now and then to push myself to draw and color more.

A beautiful piece of photo from my cellphone again I took when I was inside MIA park with my husband. We walk around and found this place heading to the recreation which I will do a Zumba with Filipino community, then we stopped and enjoyed this art of scenery with floating vintage boats on the water, and a Doha state buildings backdrop, it is so gorgeous.

Oh yes, my cute and sort of funny husband holding a piece of my drawing of the latest 2017 Jordan shoes. He actually want to buy this for no reason, so I just drew them. He can scan it everyday and look, probably not to buy a pair of them. It’s a realization that it’s only good when you look at them, not just by wearing them. Well, good work in drawing, you spend all the money doing the art. 🙂

A cute little lamb I drew before I went to sleep, wishing that we will have a little cute human to nurture and care. I had fun with this one.

My masterpiece of my first try to draw using color pastel I bought from daiso. I fine this so beautiful since I love flowers esp tulip. It is actually more beautiful if you will received a real flowers to make your day brighter and more inspiring. I hope you my hubby, is reading this because even though I have said many times that I love to receive flowers and you just keep ignoring it, this time you will buy roses, tulips, stargazers and others and bring it them to me with sincere and not an obligation.

So if not, then just let be it and wait…. I think I will just buy flowers or pick up them to avoid expectation. 🙂

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lemon Ginger Tea

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon contain vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, B-complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and fiber.

Ginger provides vitamins and minerals such as carbohydrate, dietary fiber, protein, sugars, sodium, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, folate, riboflavin, niacin.


The combination of Lemon and Ginger will give you a great flavor, sour with spice.

I am giving you my 7 reasons why you should drink lemon ginger tea.

  1. It gives relief to a body aches and muscle pain
  2. Can reduce this damaging and disease-promoting inflammatory cascade to bring your body back into balance.
  3. You can use lemon ginger internally and externally to treat inflammation.
  4. Lower Blood Sugars and Improve Heart Disease Risk Factor
  5. It has a warming effect and stimulates circulation.
  6. Helps improve the immune system
  7. It is a natural expectorant that breaks down and removes mucus

I acquired acute bronchitis when I matched my back to it’s window and was super tired practising a dance. I was treated and prescribed an anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial medicine drug for 7 days. The treatment went well but after months it usually came back and took years that I rely on antibiotics. It gives my chest discomfort, like I am scared all the time. Cough and back pain are intolerable. Until, a friend told me to use ginger with lemon as a medicine and give it a try.

Ginger now is like a best friend in the kitchen, I use it in all the food I cook such as sinigang, adobo, curry, and other menu. My mom also use ginger when she felt discomfort on her stomach which really gives her a relief. It is safe and recommended, a natural way to treat yourself when you sick in pain.

A simple way to prepare a ginger lemon tea:

  1. peel ginger
  2. cut into small pieces
  3. get it boiled into a water
  4. put it the boiled ginger into a cup
  5. squeeze a lemon and stir

6am random @ home

6am random @ home


Cleaning the floors is very important in the morning. Sweeping and mopping the floors is a must. An everyday brushing the floor by using a broomstick to remove the dust and hair pets is kinda my thing.

I owned five indoor dogs. They love moving around the floor and stick their body to my legs.
Now I am hungry.  I am thinking to cook eggs with maling meat to stuff on gardenia bread. Also will make an egg with tomatoe for mom’s breakfast.

After eating, I had fun watching my 6mos old niece in her cerelac morning. She is adorable, love the baby smile, so warm.
The dogs are running in and out the door. They are old, the oldest is a 12 years old dog and have not gave up on taking care of these animals. My heart is too soft for them like they are my angels, unconditional love. 

I have not stop doing household chores. Everytime I am done on washing the dishes, laying on bed is what I could think of. But, I still have to feed the dogs. Ay yay yay! 
Cleaning your own body is essential. Daily bath is needed. Clean clothes are important.
Dogs need a bath too. I wanted to give them a furry bath, it’s like I have no time. There are groomers that can however I don’t have budget to pay for their service. 
I’m going to washroom now and clean myself to have a great excuse for dogs. 
Now I am thinking of my husband, he is sleeping at this time. I have always wanted to be with him and have fun time together. Learn each other and agreeing with everything we like. 
Now, it’s my bath time! 


Philippine Trees, Full of Memories

Philippine Trees, Full of Memories

Do you know that it is very important to eat fruits everyday because it serves as a shield against bacteria and infection that we may acquire any of the day. Fruits are rich of many benefits that helps our body system away from harmful effects of stress, sickness and bad radicals. We already know that fruits are good to us but there are so many reason why we stop or don’t eat them.

When I was a kid, I’m very fortunate that we are surrounded of many different kinds of trees that bear fruits in season. We have santol tree, mango tree, chico tree, calamay tree, salumagi tree, papaya tree, suha tree, atis tree, atsuete tree, caimito tree, banana tree, cereza tree and buko tree. Most of their fruits are sour taste like, we get a lot of Vitamin c and whatever benefits that I didn’t know since I am very young then, they very effective. You never get sick if you are fond eating, and that what the tree give to us. A lot of fond memories up on that tree. I remember climbing in the trees and play hanging under the branches. I was like a free spirited kid.


I remember my cousins named the three santol trees by their name. All starts in letter C since the sisters names starts in letter c hahahaha. hope you guys are reading this 🙂 My father and uncles used to climb and collect many santols. It’s our favorite snack and we sell them. But most of them are given away.

Mango Philippines

The mangoes our favorite fruit not that it is the national fruit that grows everywhere. They have different kinds of mangoes and the ripe and indian mangoes are my likes. It is better to eat with salt or bagoong. yum!

Chico Philippines

The chico tree is planted in our cousins backyard and they claimed it as their property. The tree is quite selfish as it rarely give fruit. It was not interesting at all but at least I had to taste it, I remember ate Chona gave me once.

salumagi philippines

Salumagi or tamarind tree is a big tree, it’s very beautiful tree like an umbrella.  I remember the salumagi tree is a rest place of big birds. I saw a toucan, owl, eagle, vulture and many more birds that now you will never see. The one thing I hate on this tree, it form higad, color green insect.

Suha Philippines

This one is everybody’s favorite snack, the tree is a giver.

Atsuete Philippines

I see this a beautiful tree as it gives colors and never thought it’s a coloring food. Me and my cousins pick up the fruit and open them, collect seeds and play them in a basin until it turn to color red, seems magic to play and it’s a kid thing.

Atis Tree

I hate atis, first it only bear few and too slow to ripe. Second, neighbors eye on it and gone a matter of day.


Caimito is our neighbor tree planted inside the house. The house we call it a hunted house, no one ever opens the gate. Boys kids climb on walls until they can get some fruits of it, it was kind of scary to eat since the tree lives inside the hunted house, thinking it’s a fruit of the dead. hehehehe I was a kid then.


I wonder why the banana has a lots of seeds inside.


I remember my friend Atoy helped me sneak to mango farm of our neighbor and climb cereza tree and eat. I wonder where are they now.

buko tree

My Dad’s game, he climbs and turns the fruits into many things like oil, gata, food, juice,  :). a lot! All of us where busy when the leaves already turn to brown and we peel of the leaves and collect the stick to create walis tingting 🙂

papaya tree

My lolo’s favorite tree!

American Jeep became a public transportation in the Philippines – The Philippine Jeepneys

American Jeep became a public transportation in the Philippines – The Philippine Jeepneys

The Philippine Jeepneys

The jeepneys are one of the trademarks of the Philippines. It is the common mode of transportation in the country and it is the product of the unwavering ingenuity and the resourcefulness of the Filipinos.

Many moons ago the Americans left their damaged jeeps during World War II. Enterprising, creative and truly resourceful, the Filipinos transform these leftover junks into something which is very useful. These diamonds in the rough are then known as the Philippine jeepneys.

The jeepneys carries the moniker “Hari ng Kalsada,” which means “King of the Road”, which is true since no matter where you are in the country the jeepneys ply the roads whether rain or shine, or whether it is day or night.

Although the jeepneys are being considered as an export to Papua New Guinea to address some transportation woes there, it is the most widely used and exploited vehicle in the country. Spacious, fast and sturdy this three words best describe the jeepneys. A single jeepney can accommodate 18 to 30 passengers, which is indeed impressive.

You may develop a love-hate relationship with the jeepneys, though; as many people are pissed off with jeepneys especially those that are driven by irresponsible and reckless drivers. There are some jeepney drivers that tend to be rash and abusive; whilst some doesn’t implement proper maintenance on their jeepney which makes them emits annoying and unhealthy smoke. Since there are plenty of them in the country they can also be a source of traffic.

But still, many love jeepney especially when it is driven by a courteous and jolly driver. Jeepneys are also accessible and at the same time the fare is cheap. People from all walks of life including the common people, ride in a jeepney. It can accommodate people in groups too. A jeepney can easily help you go from one place to another.

There are some persons that love to ride in front while others inside the cab. You can enjoy further riding on a jeepney especially if it is embellished with nice and eye-catching designs and it is traveling in scenic parts of the country. The jeepneys are well-adorned with the artistic flair of the Filipinos. Most of the jeepneys also sports punch lines, quotations, monikers and names of their family members. This is a testament that the jeepneys had become a way of life for the Filipinos.

Foreigners and tourists are often seen riding on the jeep for an adventure of sorts and they certainly enjoy the one of a kind experience.