6am random @ home

6am random @ home


Cleaning the floors is very important in the morning. Sweeping and mopping the floors is a must. An everyday brushing the floor by using a broomstick to remove the dust and hair pets is kinda my thing.

I owned five indoor dogs. They love moving around the floor and stick their body to my legs.
Now I am hungry.  I am thinking to cook eggs with maling meat to stuff on gardenia bread. Also will make an egg with tomatoe for mom’s breakfast.

After eating, I had fun watching my 6mos old niece in her cerelac morning. She is adorable, love the baby smile, so warm.
The dogs are running in and out the door. They are old, the oldest is a 12 years old dog and have not gave up on taking care of these animals. My heart is too soft for them like they are my angels, unconditional love. 

I have not stop doing household chores. Everytime I am done on washing the dishes, laying on bed is what I could think of. But, I still have to feed the dogs. Ay yay yay! 
Cleaning your own body is essential. Daily bath is needed. Clean clothes are important.
Dogs need a bath too. I wanted to give them a furry bath, it’s like I have no time. There are groomers that can however I don’t have budget to pay for their service. 
I’m going to washroom now and clean myself to have a great excuse for dogs. 
Now I am thinking of my husband, he is sleeping at this time. I have always wanted to be with him and have fun time together. Learn each other and agreeing with everything we like. 
Now, it’s my bath time! 


Fried Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe

Fried Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe


Healthylicious! Yes here is my new recipe for the year. Because we are more on eating vegetables and putting more colors on our plate. There is more fun on cooking with lots of flavours to put in your mouth.


Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Pechay, Carrots, Onion, Ginger and Garlic. For seasoning prepare a half cube of knorr cubes. Use sesame oil to stir-fry.


Preparing ingredients for cooking takes time but it’s fun 🙂 I would prefer to slice the carrots in thin slices, put them in water for less phosphorus content. Wash pechay before slicing into medium thin. Soak bean sprouts to water to remove particles. Slice the ginger, chopped garlic and slice onion. Fried tofu, slice them in your preferred size.

  1. corn oil in a heat pan
  2. fry tofu until golden brown
  3. prepare a tissue in a plate
  4. remove the fried tofu in pan and place them in plate with tissue
  5. let the tissue absorb the excess oil from tofu.
  6. let them cool and slice them to your preferred size.
  7. put them in a bowl.
  1. 3 tablespoon of sesame oil in a heat pan
  2. drop ginger and stir
  3. drop onion and stir
  4. drop garlic and stir
  5. drop the carrots and stir until half cooked
  6. drop the beans sprouts and stir for 1 minute
  7. drop the ground chicken knorr cubes
  8. put a little amount of water
  9. cover the pan for 3 minutes in low heat
  10. drop the pechay and stir until  they are all mix together.
  11. serve and enjoy 🙂
Zumba @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

Zumba @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

A year end rave party for college students of Kingfisher in Dagupan and again I was invited to party and perform dance fitness and zumba together with present students. The rave party started 8pm and the zumba party started 4:30am as their final in 2016.

Together with my zumba partner we gave Kingfisher a blast of zumba party dance. We rise early as 4am and started to pack our things and prepared to get into the event. I was feeling low and sleepy at first when we set up our music but then the students were energetic to follow our routine and we didn’t stop.

Dec 30, 2016
Dec 30, 2016

Zumba Instructor: Tessa

Call or Text:  09772318505


Warm up music, haypa, bicicleta, velocidad, 24k magic, bambalam

Zumba-Run @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

Zumba-Run @ Kingfisher College Dagupan

The job is to perform in front of students doing physical dance fitness to warm up before the run however, zumba didn’t start before run. Due to lack of time in the beginning, we actually had a blast after the run event at Kingfisher School assembly. The students were excited as we gave them pre warm up of introduction of who we are as a zumba instructors together with my lady zumba partner. I was excited to lead the students and share the fun dancing with us.


Zumba Instructor: Tessa

Music: Warp up, Closer, Bambalam, Velocidad, Haypa, Gentleman

15317807_10209849687311345_7539719771270268206_n 15171307_10209847598819134_2909187890392847511_n

Zumba in Dagupan City Plaza

Zumba in Dagupan City Plaza


Zumba has been popular for those people who love to move, value their life, health and body. In zumba you will gain strengthening and flexibility because of the movements you will learn by following the steps of a license zumba intructress/intructor. And by these movements for each songs you will experience benefits of many different steps to follow which are helpful in burning calories, getting sweat, waking up all muscles, toned and gives you relax mind and body due to release of tension and stress.

Every Saturdays, a group of zumba lovers gather 6am to 6:20 before their dance workout start. I’ve joined and saw few I know from past zumba activities & events. They are setting a mood with smile, welcoming others, taking photos while waiting for others. As a zumba instructor for a year now it’s important to meet new people around, share your passion and talent, show what you can do to be able to notice and trust, understanding people their needs and wants, get out of box and learn from others. Thanks to Pangasinan Zumba Fitness Club (PZFC) a friendly group who invites the locals to join them at Dagupan City Plaza, especially to their club manager Mhely. They are collecting thirty pesos to each individual who support the PZFC to those who’s joining an one hour and half of zumba dance workout. The fund will go to zumba instructors who share their zinlife and help the group for being good well being through dance workout activities.

To be a licensed zumba instructor you need to be trained and you need a sum to pay for being a trainer/instructor. Plus, to maintain the license you need to pay a monthly fee to be part of Zumba Intructor Network (ZIN).  Part of the pzfc zumba intructors were zin Jho and zin Darwin, hoping I can be part of their team since I do enjoyed being with them.




Dagupan City Plaza is a public park, town square located at A. B. Fernandez Avenue in Dagupan City.

Dagupan City Plaza an open space provided for recreational use, usually owned and maintained by a local government. They can be used as play areas, for taking lunch breaks, or even for small events. Most importantly, they should be a place of quiet refuge and escape from the busy city life surrounding them.

A great activity for local individuals everyday esp. on weekends is to go to the park and have a physical activity like walking around the park, jogging, kids can play at kids ground, can go around with their bikes and skateboards. On the local groups they can use the facility for physical activity like zumba.

Swimming Lessons Experience

Swimming Lessons Experience

One of my frustrations in life is to swim at the pool. I don’t know how to swim but I wanted to. I am amaze to those people I see in the beaches and pool who aren’t afraid to go under the water. I am fascinated with the cartoon story of Ariel the mermaid because she effortlessly swim under the ocean. I love to watch a group of swimmers dancing inside the pool on television, they look incredible.

Two years ago, a friend asked me to join her to a swimming lesson. I get excited and inquired for fees and other things. I started to look for a suit and learned basic things before going to pool. I didn’t know that I will be spending money  buying rashgard wear, goggles, shorts and head-cap besides of training fee and pool entrance fee.



I spent less than 2000 pesos for the wear, 2000 pesos for the 1 month swimming lessons and 100 entrance fee very training session. I learned fast especially the breathing part, it was easy and effortlessly. The kicks are quite hard at first, the movement and body angle is going on a wrong direction when I kick. Learned the balancing, right kick and practice futter kicks. Learned the freestyle and it’s exhausting and traumatising esp. when I get in the part of the pool that is 5ft  above. This things I learned are basic and I like to continue learning until I get it right. 🙂

Philippine Trees, Full of Memories

Philippine Trees, Full of Memories

Do you know that it is very important to eat fruits everyday because it serves as a shield against bacteria and infection that we may acquire any of the day. Fruits are rich of many benefits that helps our body system away from harmful effects of stress, sickness and bad radicals. We already know that fruits are good to us but there are so many reason why we stop or don’t eat them.

When I was a kid, I’m very fortunate that we are surrounded of many different kinds of trees that bear fruits in season. We have santol tree, mango tree, chico tree, calamay tree, salumagi tree, papaya tree, suha tree, atis tree, atsuete tree, caimito tree, banana tree, cereza tree and buko tree. Most of their fruits are sour taste like, we get a lot of Vitamin c and whatever benefits that I didn’t know since I am very young then, they very effective. You never get sick if you are fond eating, and that what the tree give to us. A lot of fond memories up on that tree. I remember climbing in the trees and play hanging under the branches. I was like a free spirited kid.


I remember my cousins named the three santol trees by their name. All starts in letter C since the sisters names starts in letter c hahahaha. hope you guys are reading this 🙂 My father and uncles used to climb and collect many santols. It’s our favorite snack and we sell them. But most of them are given away.

Mango Philippines

The mangoes our favorite fruit not that it is the national fruit that grows everywhere. They have different kinds of mangoes and the ripe and indian mangoes are my likes. It is better to eat with salt or bagoong. yum!

Chico Philippines

The chico tree is planted in our cousins backyard and they claimed it as their property. The tree is quite selfish as it rarely give fruit. It was not interesting at all but at least I had to taste it, I remember ate Chona gave me once.

salumagi philippines

Salumagi or tamarind tree is a big tree, it’s very beautiful tree like an umbrella.  I remember the salumagi tree is a rest place of big birds. I saw a toucan, owl, eagle, vulture and many more birds that now you will never see. The one thing I hate on this tree, it form higad, color green insect.

Suha Philippines

This one is everybody’s favorite snack, the tree is a giver.

Atsuete Philippines

I see this a beautiful tree as it gives colors and never thought it’s a coloring food. Me and my cousins pick up the fruit and open them, collect seeds and play them in a basin until it turn to color red, seems magic to play and it’s a kid thing.

Atis Tree

I hate atis, first it only bear few and too slow to ripe. Second, neighbors eye on it and gone a matter of day.


Caimito is our neighbor tree planted inside the house. The house we call it a hunted house, no one ever opens the gate. Boys kids climb on walls until they can get some fruits of it, it was kind of scary to eat since the tree lives inside the hunted house, thinking it’s a fruit of the dead. hehehehe I was a kid then.


I wonder why the banana has a lots of seeds inside.


I remember my friend Atoy helped me sneak to mango farm of our neighbor and climb cereza tree and eat. I wonder where are they now.

buko tree

My Dad’s game, he climbs and turns the fruits into many things like oil, gata, food, juice,  :). a lot! All of us where busy when the leaves already turn to brown and we peel of the leaves and collect the stick to create walis tingting 🙂

papaya tree

My lolo’s favorite tree!